Sunday, March 22, 2015

Easter Bunny Bonanza!

Today was a day of different sorts. A couple of regular cutie clients, family critters and my Lu (she's a whole story of her own! :) ) went out to support the Cuddly Cats Rescue and get their pictures taken with the Easter bunny. Now, I have previously had my pet pics done with Santa (almost every pet I've ever had and almost every year in fact!) but never with the Easter bunny. 

First of all, not every dog loves the idea of sitting on the lap of some huge white fuzzy bunny that talks to them. In fact, many were not impressed in the slightest. Second, having all those pets and people in 1 room can get interesting to say the least. Third, the sounds, kissy-noises, treat bag shaking and toy squeaking we were doing should be an Olympic sport! Ha! But all-in-all, most of us had fun (Hope & Roxy might say differently) and we have some cuteness to remember it by.

 Roxy & Hope

 Lite, Lulu & Oak

Ash & Rowan

All pictures taken by my wonderfully talented friend (and I guess Lulu's owner (only technically! :) ) Jackie Baird at AmberLu Photography

J <3

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