Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Its the Little Things

Today I take it back to basics. The small moments that make every day gloriously beautiful & joyous. The simple things in life that give me the chills & bring a smile to my face every day. Such as:

- Waking up to birds chirping & the sun shining
- Being surrounded by a pillow of soft blankets like a big hug
- A warm little fur body pressed up against me
- A hot shower on a cold day
- The glorious release of that first pee of the day
- The last piece of pie/cookie or last nights dessert waiting for your enjoyment (& its even better to start the day off with it!)

- Your favourite home cooked meal loving prepared just for you
- When your favourite song comes on the video
- The sound of the waves upon the shore, the wind through the trees or rain pattering on the roof
- Dandelion seeds blowing in the wind

- Something sparkly catching your eye (I especially love when my engagement ring catches the sun & turns my car into a disco ball of rainbows)
- Coming home after a long day & feeling safe
- Finally finishing that item you've had on your to-do list for too long
- The feeling of the sun heating your skin to just the right temperature
- The smell of frying onions & charcoal barbeques
- The first robin after a long winter

- The first soft snowfall of the year - you know the one - it coats the world in a blanket of perfectness
- Collecting stones on the beach & maybe finding that perfect skipping stone

What inspires & uplifts your day? Write a list in your journal, blog about it or share it on FB. Get it out into the world & feel gratitude!
J <3

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