Friday, March 20, 2015

Getting my Mantra on

So, day 2 of my journey in moments and I have already fallen to the way-side. Not that I didn't experience and live, just that I didn't blog about it. That's the hard part. But I digress...

Yesterday I tried something new to me that I have been wanting to try for years. I went to a Kundalini yoga class. 

When I first heard of Kundalini I thought of sexual and perverse things. It sounded dirty and my inner child giggled (I'll admit it still does from time to time.) However, I have heard nothing but rave reviews regardless of the teacher. Now, I am a trained Hatha teacher and I have worked in studios with Kundalini teachers previously and currently but never allowed myself to set aside time to attend a class. 

How was my experience? One word: Glorious! I felt like I worked out a gym, went on a hike through the forest, swam in the lake, meditated for hours, attended a vigorous Hatha practice - all in one! As we were preforming the exercises Devjeet Kaur would say inspirational and meaningful things to us that made my heart sing and my head step back. I felt reborn and ready to do more!

 For being my first journey on my new path, it was a beautiful one. 

J <3

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