Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Idea & My Journey

There are 525,600 minutes every year of a persons life. When you look at it as such a vast number, it appears that we have plenty of time to accomplish our dreams, to learn a new skill, to return that phone call or to try something new.

But what if that number was cut in half? We spend an average of 175,200 of those minutes sleeping, 24,455 eating & 127,200 working. What about the minutes you spend driving, brushing your teeth, showering, grocery shopping, etc? How many minutes would you have left to try something new?

While out walking today, this idea blossomed in my mind. Of spending this 525,600 moments exploring, dreaming, trying & living them. To take the road less traveled & do things I have never done before. I see the possibilities open before me like the road in this picture. Endless. Winding. Exciting.

I dedicate this blog space to starting my journey. Of experiencing & documenting my 525,600 moments. Some may be huge leaps, some may be small steps - but all will be an experience - whether good or not so good. 

This is my idea & my journey.

J <3

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