Friday, March 27, 2015

Moving Forwards & Upwards

I have been absorbing - like a sponge - all the information & learnings I can possibly fit into my brain fibers. I'm feeling overflowingly full, but oh, so ready for more!

I have been exploring various ways of increasing my business, my clientele & my overall productivity (Rule #1 it seems is: Less internet time! Nnnooooo!!!! :D ) Not to mention getting a better hold on this thing called life.

So, I have found a variety of free resources online (Yes, I know - spend less time online doing more productive work BUT watch this tele-summit which is only available online.... Hmmmm..... )

I'd like to introduce them so you may find some inspiration as well:

Leonie Dawson - She has an entire section on her site dedicated to freebies, workbooks & offerings to help gain insights to improve business & life. Plus she is super colourful & playful which I LOVE!!

The SoulFuel Revolution - An online event hosted by Wendy Collier featuring daily freebies & tele-casts by experts in business sharing their tips & insights.

Sara Avant Stover - Creator of The Way of the Happy Woman. Particularly, I have been drawn to & have been enjoying her 21 Days of She amazing-ness. Daily emails with suggestions of how to celebrate everything in your life. 

Jennifer Grace - I had the absolute pleasure of taking some of Jennifer's classes in person on The Zen Cruise in February & let me tell you - she shines & is so full of vigor & well, grace! :) She is such an inspiration & has some wonderful offerings right now available.

So excited for my journey! Won't you join me?

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